Carnatic Classical Music

Srisha’s voice of gold enthrals her fans all over the globe. There is tantalizing mystery behind that melodious voice that captivates the hearts of the millions. Her deep relish for Carnatic classical music and other genres of music constantly drives her to deliver the best melodies to the music lovers. Her foundation in the world of music was laid at a very young age and since then the young singer has never looked back.

Her authentic renditions of devotional songs, patriotic songs, refined elaborations of 'ragas', the élan with which she breezes through various swaras, her command over octaves and her versatile personality combined with her charming personality has given her an enviable pre-eminence in the world of Carnatic music.

Being a recognized singer requires tremendous amount of hard work and Srisha knew that very well since her childhood that’s why at a very tender age she started perfecting her art through rigorous training, practice and patience. Her soulful classical carnatic music takes us to an impersonal realm allowing us to experience music like never before!

Srisha carved a niche for herself in the Carnatic School of singing, thanks to her voice that is packed with immense beauty. Her unique vocal style and effortless singing has made her the most sought after artist in the world of Carnatic music.

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