Female Singers In Tamil

Nothing could soothe like a soulful tune or a mesmerizing voice. Srisha, the multi talented singer has been blessed with a beautiful voice that has the power to capture each breathing moment like a gentle wind that embraces your soul, leaving you happy. It’s her mesmerizing voice and command over her art that has made her one of the most popular female singers in Tamil music industry.

Srisha shot to fame, with her debut studio album.”ASTA MALA”, which made her a household name in every music lover’s house. Her honey-soaked voice was noticed by some of the most prestigious movie makers in Tamil film industry, who signed her as the playback voice for their films. Having worked with top-of-the-line music directors, Srisha has carved a niche for herself as one of the best female singers in the Tamil music industry.

Srisha has several albums to her credit, which includes all genres. From devotional to patriotic; romantic to sad; she has lent her beautiful voice to many songs.

With an amazing voice, that beguiling quality and a divine attraction, Srisha delivers music that focuses on truth, life and beauty. Her melodious songs have the ability to touch a million hearts, a singer extraordinaire-she’s Srisha-one of the best Tamil female singers.

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