Tamil Classical Music

Srisha is one youngster who has made a mark as an exponent of Carnatic music in Tamil. Her exceptional musical instincts have been well nurtured by her parents and today, she has gained much acclaim and popularity with the music fraternity as a versatile singer who can sing all genres with great ease. Whether it is Tamil classical music or romantic songs, she handles all the songs with a maturity rare in so young a singer.

Clear Diction, soothing voice, clean lines-Srisha’s musical expression reveals an underlying conviction that rings true even to a non music lover. Her music is refreshingly honest with clarity and perfection that reflects her years of training and practice.

Though Srisha is a modern singer of today, but her songs are replete with classical and emotional appeal that never fails to enthral the audience. A versatile artiste, Srisha has attempted to give a new dimension to the traditional Carnatic Music, Tamil. She intersperses her songs with great presentation, making an intimate and unique connection with her audience.

Srisha is a pleasant mélange of sweet voice and good training; with her insatiable thirst for growth and dedication towards her art, she is all set to strike the right chord with the music lovers all over the world.

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