Tamil Female Playback Singers

Srisha- a name that evokes beautiful emotions in millions of music lovers all over the world is one of the best Tamil female playback singers. At a very young age she made her debut in playback singing with her melodious debut album- ‘ASTA MALA’. With her very first album, she made her presence felt in the music arena in the Tamil film industry.

Srisha-the child prodigy has achieved what many of us can only dream of achieving- huge popularity; chance to work with some of the best music directors in the Tamil film industry, reputation as a leading Tamil classical singer and most importantly-lots of love and support from people.

Srisha-the multi talented singer, continues her journey constantly striving for excellence in her art under the constant and vigilant guidance of her mentors, parents & blessings of her fans & followers.

Despite gaining huge popularity in a short span of time, this ‘Super Singer’ is working very hard to make her music even more refined and beautiful; and captivate the audience with her versatile personality, amazing stage presence and above all her soulful music.

Srisha is a versatile singer who can sing all genres with great ease. It’s her beautiful voice and command over the technical aspects of music that has enabled her to strike the right chord with the music lovers and become one of the most sought after Tamil playback singers female.

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